Sunday, November 21, 2010

Barney birthday cake and doraemon cuppies for Aiman 2 years

disebabkan aiman really loves Barney and Doraemon, so ibu Aiman tempah 2 different cakes,for  2 image cartoon,doraemon for cup cakes and barney image for american choc birthday cake..

thanks so much to my sis in law for d order...hope Aiman had a wonderful birthday last nite...suke tgk dia bersorak tgk barney and doraemon..

barbie and upin's cupcakes edible image

ordered by k. su for her daughter Ira Syakila besday 7th years

cuppies  ready for delivery...

Friday, November 12, 2010

 Order from Puan Rahmah, thank u.
 Repeat order from Puan Rahmah, thx Puan..
 Order from Kak Ieda for d CEC's
 Order comes from Rinna, thx dear!
 Some cup cakes order for a friend  birthday..

Latest Birthday Cake order for Taska Year End Party...

Customer request for Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme....
American Chocholate cake

1.2 kg...